A story from one of our clients...

I cannot begin to come close to adequately expressing our deepest gratitude and appreciation for how we were able to release our precious girl. 

While no less heart wrenching for those of us that are existing without her and experiencing the great loss of her, there is absolutely no question that the entire process and experience for us all was one of peace and tremendous love. 

Being able to afford her the comfort and ease of letting go in the surroundings and emotional state of pure love that represented the greatest parts of her life is something that we could never had had without you, and for which we will forever be grateful.  

For those that may find themselves in the position to be considering the advantages and opportunities of the services of Fort Wayne Mobile Veterinary services, please know that there is no one else, and no where else, that we will ever consider as our genuine family veterinarian nor that we would consider a part of the family in the ways that they hold the care, comfort, security, and regard for them as highly as we do. The very instant that their services one again expand and engage ALL care, they will immediately replace our veterinary office. (And we rather like them!)

To be clear, our almost 17 year old sweet girl's suffering had become so great that we knew that we had approached the place and time where there was no longer a question of allowing her suffering to continue just so that we could not be forced to face our lives without her. Knowing it was in her best interest to let her go, the thought of having to force her out of the home and endure the horrible stress and impact of going to the sterile veterinary environment was inconceivable. There was no way that we were going to allow such experiences to constitute her last moments on this planet with us.

In our own searches as well as through the recommendation of our veterinarian, we reached out to Fort Wayne Mobile Veterinary Services. To tell you that it felt as though we were speaking with someone we had known for years, as well as the very genuine and real understanding of the position that we were in, and how difficult it is, would be a tremendous understatement. We discussed the specifics of the health issues and our cat's history, as well as (because we were still ever hopeful for a miracle that might not have been known!) the potential to find some other way to keep her longer in more comfort and ease to her... and all concluded that the exact route was as expected.

Once we reached this awareness, the process and what to expect was explained fully, gently, and with the greatest and most magnanimous patience, compassion, and understanding. We were never made to feel stupid, and in every explanation were not only the details and processes, but the recognition and attention to what our precious family member would experience and go through as well.

Another factor which we all considered was the experience of our other furry family member, and how to best and most effectively and inclusively afford him the involvement of saying goodbye and understanding what was happening. This too was most exquisitely recognized and valued, and something that contributed to the most beautiful and genuinely sweet goodbye.

We are not, by any measure, financially wealthy or even "secure". Just the same, we were intent on finding a way to make certain that we could choose this path for our family. Fortunately, though a service such as this (especially retrospectively, with the genuine awareness and knowledge of what it is truly worth) could easily be cost prohibitive, this was absolutely NOT. We scheduled the appointment and the process began.

Our precious beloved girl laid in her favorite sun spot, and her final moments were in the home that she loved, surrounded by people (and a sibling) that she loved, in the absolute arms of love. She purred her way out, in peace, and comfort and security... no harsh lights or dogs barking or additional pain or stress... no distance from where she lived and thrived.

I can tell you that the harsh and dismal experience of saying goodbye in a veterinary office is one which will never be a part of my world again. The profound impact and value of this experience would be a bargain at 4 times the cost, and is one which will forever be our future approach to such necessity. The stark differences between what have been our past realities in such circumstances in a clinical setting, and the absolute beauty and magic of what we were afforded in this moment with Fort Wayne Mobile Veterinary Services are in so many descriptions, entirely beyond comparison. The peace, comfort, and love that enveloped the entirety of the experience (for our fur family, and us) abides in us still. There is the loss and the pain of that loss, of course. Though rather than a sorrow which is consumptive and sharp, it is somehow tempered through the value afforded her life and the genuine beauty of such a truly thoughtful, peaceful, sweet and precious goodbye for which everyone was fully present, and she was the focus and center. No rush, no harshness, no distraction.

I genuinely am without words to adequately express our gratitude and appreciation. The value of having this experience continues to reverberate in us all, and we are able to honor and carry a kind of magical lasting peace which truly shows the value and love that was her place in our lives, and one which we consider her final gift to us... It is still astonishing to me.

Permission is freely granted for anyone to reach out to us for genuine feedback or query as you consider this route for your beloved furry family member. There is no one else that we trust or value more, and as stated, the moment this practice once again expands to cover all services, they are our veterinarian forevermore. They value and appreciate your furry ones just as you do, and hold them in the highest regard and concern, and treat them accordingly. We keep hearing ourselves say how beautiful it was, and though that sounds insane, for those who love their fur family as we do, and struggle with the anguish of such a decision, you will understand. For her final moments, and our ability to effectively show our love, and send her off awash in it, and the sun shining on her from her favorite pillow and then in my arms... It really was beautiful.

~ The Love Igo Family